Who Are We

Pek Universe is one of the most respected global engineering, construction, petroleum, and project management companies. Together with our customers, we deliver landmark projects that create long-term progress and economic growth.

Our strategic goal is to remain within the top three petroleum companies in the world market, with continuous growth and constant development of its human assets while adopting sustainable policies.

Energy Index

WTI Crude Oil 58.52 +1.21%
Brent Crude Oil 64.62 +0.96%
Crude Oil 58.52 +1.21%
Natural Gas 2.08 -2.07%
Gasoline 1.65 +1.09%
Heating Oil 1.86 -0.96%
Gold 1549.00 -0.20%
Silver 17.88 -0.27%
Copper 2.85 -0.63%
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Our Core Value

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We are always very serious about how we relate with and deal with our clients. When it comes to delivering on our words and relating to clients, we take no half measures

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Team Work

We do not undermine the role of teamwork in the success of our company and that of our clients. Thus, we put every resources together to achieve a greater height

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Business Diversification

Our aim is to push our business beyond every limit. We tend to achieve this by diversifying into various sectors of the economy and making good impacts in all

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What we Do

Pek Universe has handled such efforts as chemical weapons demilitarization projects, missile-defense, infrastructure, base operations, procurement and project management, and restoration and recovery spanning half a century. We use our expertise to help our customers securely and effectively transform mission delivery in a time of reduced government budgets and uncertain appropriations.


Over the years, we have made major progresses in the following field: Aviation, civil, communications, rail, and power. Our aim is to be the very best in these sectors


Also at the top of our investment sectors are the following: Liquefied natural gas, offshore oil and gas, onshore oil and gas, petrochemicals, pipelines. We have expanded to several countries


Been able to get the services of top Expert traders in the world to our world of platforms, we are more than happy to say that Pek Universe has extended hands to the crypto world.


We are also involved in mining of several natural resources like Coal; ferrous, nonferrous, and industrial metals; metal forming and finishing.


Chemical weapons disassembly and destruction, critical , facilities operations and management, supply chain management, U.S. naval programs.


Cleanup and remediation, decontamination and decommissioning, waste processing and disposal.


The power sector is not left out as we have made major progress in Nuclear, renewables, thermal, transmission, combined cycle and hydro..

How to grow world with Us

We aim to be a leading investment company with a diversified focus both in terms of sectors and regions. Never just a financial partner, we always seek opportunities where we can add significant value through a combination of networks, expertise, relationships and skill. We strive to be adept, fast-moving and flexible in our approach, whilst always maintaining a strong focus on building sustainable partnerships.

Pek Universe