More About Nuclear Security

More than 50 years of experience as a major defense contractor.

A major defense contractor for the United States and allied governments, Pek Universe has handled such efforts as chemical weapons demilitarization projects, missile-defense, infrastructure, base operations, procurement and project management, and restoration and recovery spanning half a century. We use our expertise to help our customers securely and effectively transform mission delivery in a time of reduced government budgets and uncertain appropriations.

  • Disassembling and destroying some of the world's most dangerous chemical weapons
  • Helping maintain mission-critical sites for the U.S. Armed Forces
  • Safely restoring and developing locations and critical infrastructure
  • Designing and delivering complete operational systems and infrastructure

Our Mission And Vission


To be the premier players in nuclear energy, profitably produced and in harmony with nature and our communities.


Advancing research in nuclear energy to help transform the world

Our Beliefs

People, planet and profits can grow together in harmony

Nature is our partner, to be emulated and not exploited

Project Management Institute recognizes international team, including Pek Universe

In scarcity there will be opportunities for abundance

Our Commitments

Forging win-win partnerships with our stakeholders

Pioneering and innovating our systems and methods

People, planet and profits can grow together in harmony

Learning from failure and adapting to achieve success